About Us

Jason and I met when I was 19, and he was 22. He was the best friend of my best friend's best friend/boyfriend at the time (yup, one of those kinds of meetings) and we hit it off instantly. We were family from the moment we met, and our bond grew stronger and stronger and we knew the inevitable was in store.
But I wasn't in a place to be committing myself to relationships, and, attempting to take the mature route, I told him I couldn't date him when he asked. 
So he asked again. And again, and again, and again. I knew it was just a title, and I was falling for this guy and he had fallen for me - but isn't love just so inconvenient?? So our relationship grew without me knowing it was; we spoke every day  and eventually I was head over heels for Jason and we were officially an item. He flew 3000 miles to meet my family, and I moved 3000 miles to be closer to him (right, I claimed it was for "school" but we just moved for school again, so that sure can't be true). From there, it was the definition of romance. Jason revived my faith in love and my hope in marriage. He taught me that love is an action, not a feeling, and he showed it to me every day and treated me like a princess.
After 2 years together, Jason couldn't wait another minute. While still at work, he texted me to go to the hall closet and look for the journal I'd given him. Now, being the wiseass that I am I was ready to make all kinds of jokes because I gave it to him years ago and he'd never written in it. He told me to look on the first page, and he'd written "Will You Marry Me?" in big letters. It was March 31st, so after checking if it was  an evil early April Fools, I of course said yes. 

We'll be married in Phoenix on 10.11.12 :)